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Toward On Havering

How to remember

You never know what some people are capable of.

Book sale and new poetry broadside now available!

Give thanks. Come party.

The Way It Is

Why make art that will outlive us?

When imagination fills in the gaps of memory

Her arms dance into slow-flapping wings

The mystics, the mechanics, and the masters of meticulousness

You did not know what you could do

The Thread is out today!

The making of The Thread

THE THREAD | Revisiting the Dispatches

THE THREAD | Odds and Ends

THE THREAD | Solitudes & Multitudes

THE THREAD | Looking forward

THE THREAD | The Impossible Sack

No, for really real this time. Very last chance to pre-order THE THREAD!

THE THREAD | Telescope days

THE THREAD || Typewriters . . . and a second chance to pre-order my book!

THE THREAD | The Practice and Practicality of the Sacred

THE THREAD | Grasshopper & Cricket

THE THREAD | The dog days be damned

THE THREAD | a new poem

THE THREAD | Raise your hand if you make mistakes

THE THREAD | Last chance to pre-order TODAY!

THE THREAD . . . only two days left to pre-order!

THE THREAD | A lil' bit of big news

THE THREAD | I am not appalled

THE THREAD | What have I been up to?

THE THREAD | . . . with formatting


THE THREAD | How to hum along with this wild dissonance

New book announcement! THE THREAD: PROSE & POETRY

THE THREAD | The owl

THE THREAD | Stay at sea

THE THREAD | I can never say cavalry

THE THREAD | The tailor sweeps the glistening salt


THE THREAD | Location

The explosion shook me awake

THE THREAD | This expanding universe

THE THREAD | there shall be no darkness or dazzling

THE THREAD | Time and the Art of Picking up Dog Shit

THE THREAD: Three Books From the Shelves, Part One